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Shuffle Meet-Ups

Shuffle Meet-ups.

Global Shufflers typically engage online because of the sometimes vast geographic distances between them. This in no way diminishes the friendships which can last 20+ years, with shufflers keeping in touch about their lives, relationships, families and friends.

At times they arrange shuffle 'meet-ups' which are informal social occasions for shuffle friends to meet at a physical location, spend some time together and often meet other shufflers in person for the first time.

For instance even though many shufflers have appeared in the GLOBAL SHUFFLE MOVIE, and we have exchanged formal written business contracts and collaborated in the making of the GLOBAL SHUFFLE MOVIE, we've never met in person. Like the Russian shufflers Viktor Strogonov and Sasha who set up and ran the Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championships with me for years, we've never met. Viktor and I don't even speak the same language, but it was successful and we're still great friends keeping in touch today.

Miljano Soekha is the only one (apart from Melbourne Oldskoolers) that I have actually met, in 2009 and we shot a vid of the visit and included it in the GLOBAL SHUFFLE MOVIE as I showed him around town and some of the oldskool shuffle sites.

We are all planning to meet-up one day, somewhere, as soon as we can co-ordinate it with our busy lives, work schedules, visa's etc. but in the mean time we keep in touch online.

Here's some examples of shuffle vids and meet-ups.

Felipe Nadeau - Melodia Secreta (Music Video) | Dance by Banderiano | MSMChile

Melbourne Shuffle Meetup | 2014 | Larvik / Norway

Melbourne Shuffle Meetup | Oslo Edition | Winter



Melbourne Shuffle Meetup | Oslo / Norway | Summer Edition

Melbourne Shuffle/ Industrial Meet Hannover 2 

Comic Con meet's Melbourne Shuffle Hannover Germany 2016 


NiCon meet's Melbourne Shuffle. New Cosplay Shuffle Video ! Nicon Hannover Germany 2016