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CaW Business Update

24-04-2018  8PM (Melbourne Australia Time)

Re CaW Franchises.

The Spacehomes and Wolfdragon Moonshine franchises are tentatively sold, awaiting contract paperwork.

The Cybafaeries franchise has been in discussions with a number of major Hollywood studios and international artists, it is now time to submit offers in writing. The offers are likely to be Expressions of Interest (EOI) which will grant the bidder 30 days exclusive talks and visit my Melbourne Australia studio to see the Cybafaeries design and discuss the franchise further. The end of the EOI would see a commitment to a contract offer and payment schedule.

For the Cybafaeries there are suggested plans for a feature anime, a follow-up live action feature movie and a touring arena stage show. This requires a Japanese anime director and Japanese writers who have experience with music focused projects for the anime. The live action director could be western but would require experience in music and dance based projects. Naturally the live arena stage show could only happen with a proven director of large arena sized music and dance productions, basing the production on both the anime and live action movie elements, dance routines and music soundtracks.

I have nominated 4 principal music acts who have expressed an interest in collaborating with me on the Cybafaeries soundtrack - see:

Each act has their own band/duo and their own style. The acts bands are also invited to play on the soundtrack. The acts are not expected to collaborate with each other, rather I will collaborate individually with each act. If some of the acts wish to collaborate in some way, they are most welcome to do so.  

Please email Garry Shepherd - for further instructions.


Garry Shepherd - CaW Owner.